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1) List the lesson that we learn from colonization

Malaysia was once a colonized land. It also classified as one of the Commonwealth countries that is a former British colony. The Portuguese, Dutch, British, Japanese and even Siamese had colonized Malaya before. But only the British and Japanese succeeded in colonizing almost the whole country and left the impact on the people.

In 1511 under the lead of Alfonso de Albuquerque, Portuguese colonized Malacca. Their main purpose is to control the maritime trade in the east. Not only these, their objective is also to spread the Christianity. Portuguese constructed A Famosa to defend Malacca from any attacks.

In the year of 1641, Dutch defeated Portuguese and took over Malacca with the help of their ally the Sultan of Johor. The main objective of Dutch is to control the tin ore in Malay Peninsula. After about 160 years of Dutch rule, Malacca was handed over to the English and became part of the Straits Settlements. With the opening of the port at Singapore by the British, Melaka's economy fell into further decline. Anglo-Dutch treaty was signed on 17 March 1824 with the aim of ending all rivalry between the British and the Dutch in the East. Before this, English and the Dutch has been hostile because of trade. Besides that, Dutch not happy with the British occupation of Singapore. The hostility increases when some British people were killed. The consequences of the treaty were clear that the Malay Archipelago was split into two spheres of Dutch and British influence. The Dutch handed Malacca to the British in exchanged for Bencoolen (Bangkahulu).


Penang Acquired through a policy of deception and aggressiveness adopted by Francis Light. Sir Francis Light was not the representative from the British Government. He was the captain in the Honorable East India Company, the charted company that established British rule in India. The reason British...
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