Christmas Present

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Personal Narrative
When I was younger Christmas was one time that my family though it wasn’t a big deal to celebrate. But as I have grown older and listen to different songs and learning new traditions we have adapted into the holiday spirit. Last Christmas each of my family members had to get someone a gift for Christmas and It had to be meaningful to that person this made the Christmas shopping experience a lot harder and more fun, and it made you feel better if the person like the gift. But one of the hardest family members to buy a present for was my mom. Because she always never wants anything big but she goes all out on everyone else’s presents. So I started to think “what should I do.” After I crossed out things like perfume and clothes I found out what I was going to give her. I was going to get her a new coffee mug. I decided on a mug because my mom loves coffee. When I bought the mug it said I love you mom on one side and the back side was blank. I got some letters that would stick on to the mug even after being washed and spelled out, Love Me, on the back then I put it in a Christmas bag and put it under the tree. On Christmas morning my mom opened it up and she loved it. “Yes” I said I got my mom a great Christmas present after all. I thought she would love it and I was right. On this day I got my mom a great gift and my mom and I had a big grin on our faces.
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