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Christmas Tree

By candiced1023 Nov 25, 2013 463 Words

Christmas Time
Christmas is my favorite time of year. It is a time when family comes together no matter what is going on in each of their lives. Christmas is all about tradition. Tradition makes the holiday special for everyone because everyone’s traditions are different and special. Everywhere you look there is red and green. Three traditions that I love at Christmas time are putting up the Christmas tree, waking up Christmas morning, and Christmas day dinner. My favorite tradition is putting up the Christmas tree. The tree is about six foot tall, dark green, and covered in artificial white snow. As you put on each layer you spread each limb out to make the tree look fuller and more real. The next step is to line the tree with red garland. After that, you fill every limb and free spot with ornaments. The ornaments are gorgeous, covered in red, green, gold, and sparkles. Each ornament is different but somehow they all come together and mesh with each other. When the lights are turned on every shimmer and sparkle of the tree makes the entire room glow. It gives you a magical feeling inside, and that’s when you know it is finally Christmas. Waking up Christmas morning is everyone’s favorite part of Christmas, even if they will not admit it. Excitement feels the air as everyone in the house begins to get up. The whole family gets a steamy hot cup of silky hot chocolate and then it is time to open presents. All the kids wait in anticipation as all the presents are passed out; as soon as everyone gets their presents the fun begins. The ripping of paper is the best sound in the world. It takes only a few minutes to rip through all the paper and then it is strewn across the floor. It is the perfect family moment, everyone is happy. Christmas day dinner is the most delicious meal of the entire year. Grandmas and moms come together to make the most amazing meal. The meals consist of ham, mashed potatoes, creamy brown gravy, and buttery hot rolls. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Even if you’re on a diet, you cannot help but over eat. The food is so fantastic, the left overs will last you until New Years. The left overs are the best you will ever eat. Christmas dinner is a great part of Christmas day. Christmas is a magical time of the year. Every family has their very own traditions that they love to do every year. Putting up the tree makes Christmas official, without the tree Christmas morning would not be possible. Christmas dinner makes the holiday complete. Christmas is the best part of the year.

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