Christina Gold, Leading Change at Western Union

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Christina Gold, Leading Change at Western Union
The organizational structure of the Western Union initially centered on America before its restructure by Christina Gold. The Union has goals that it needs to meet, such as the need to increase the amount of sales, which are hard to achieve with an all-American structure. The first reason to restructure the union is in order for it to expand its services globally. To meet the needs of the customers, structures have to be in place within regions. The success of this relies on the implementation of a worldwide marketing scheme to bring goods to the global and domestic market efficiently (Ivey, 2005). Herewith, it will also maintain brand stability across the world. Secondly, construct monetary facilities that would ensure right monetary decisions and accurate distribution of funds to the rightly places. For instance, most of the Western Union clients are immigrants. Therefore, the organization expected an increase in monetary transfer due to high rate of immigration and rates of international employment. Lastly, restructuring creates a uniform platform that would ensure the use of information technology internationally (Ivey, 2005). There is also a need to expand and distribute human resource services globally. However, it is difficult to achieve all these objectives with the existing US based structure; hence, the inevitable need for restructuring. The most essential organizational change that will most likely be effective is expanding the union from a domestic and US based structure to a global structure. This will ensure that the Union’s products are available to the global market hence increasing its sales. An international marketing scheme will ensure the efficient delivery of products to the market (Ivey, 2005). To implement strategies such as brand loyalty and stability more easily, an orderly establishment of regional bases is essential. However, these strategies should remain at the corporate level while...
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