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Christianity and Taoism. Contrast Comparison Essay.

By karusya Mar 21, 2011 320 Words
Helen Yagnyuk
Christianity and Taoism. Contrast Comparison essay.
Christianity and Taoism are both widely spread and well-known religions, which, however, are totally different and have their own unique features. The major peculiarities and contrast can be perfectly shown by three important points of every religion: the idea of world creation, main principles and the idea of death, life after death. To begin with, the creed of Christianity is based on the belief in the benevolent and omnipotent God, which is considered to be the Creator of the mankind. In contrast, Taoism denies the existence of any God. Unlike Christians, they believe that all matters and spirits are eternal and have no creator. For Christians God is the supernatural force, while for Taos such a force is called Tao, a flow of energy, which is considered to be the main law and the absolute ideal at the same time. Secondly, the main principle for Christians is to live the life righteously, praying, confessing, repenting, following commandments, trying to change the world and achieve the inner harmony. Whereas the main rule for Taoism is “non-action”. Opposite to Christians, Taos teach to live without changing and breaking the natural flow and rhythm of life and universe. They also believe that meditations and immersion in yourself can allow you to achieve inner piece. Thirdly, Christianity has the idea of reincarnation and resurrecti`on, while Taoism denies such beliefs. Not like Christians Taos believe that man is the microcosm for the universe. Death for them is only the part of the everlasting process of energy flow. Taoism teaches that the death means separation of the soul and its dissolution in the macrocosm, universe. Conversely, Christianity is based on the belief in immortality of the soul. Christianity and Taoism have lots of peculiarities and are totally different. This can be explained by various reasons, but nevertheless each of the religions has its worshippers.

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