Christian Festivals

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The festivals dotting the Christian Calendar are marked by general out pourings of devotion, mourning and joy according to the religious significance of these days. Some common festivals celebrated by Christians are the days commemorating the major Christian events like Christmas for the birth of Jesus Christ and Easter for his martyrdom and resurrection. Other popular events usually mark the birth or the feast days of famous Saints. These occasions are celebrated with great enthusiasm; the people observe the time worn customs and traditions associated with each festival, which make each of these festivals, a unique experience. MonthDateDayFestival

January1MondayNew Year's Day
January6SaturdayNew Year's Day
February2FridayDeva Matha Parisuthamaana Thirunal (candlemas) February28WednesdayAsh Wednesday
March4SundayFirst Sunday
March17SundaySt.Patricks Day
March25SundayLectare Sunday
April8SundayPalm Sunday
April12ThursdayMaundy Thursday
April13FridayGood Friday
April14SaturdayHoly Saturday
June10SundayThiruthuva Sunday (Trinity)
June14ThursdayCorpus Christi
June22FridaySacred Heart of Jesus
June23SaturdayImmaculate Heart of Mary
July1SundayCanada Dominion Day
July2MondayDeva Madha Katchi Aruliya Dhinam
August15WednesdayDeva Madha Moksha Thirunal (Assumption)
September8SaturdayDeva Madha Pirantha Naal (Birth of Virgin Mary) September14FridayCelebration of Cross
November1WednesdayAll Saints Day
November2ThursdayAll Souls Day
November23FridayThanks Giving
November25SundayAdvent First Sunday
December8SaturdayDeva Madha Karuvutra Thirunal
December24MondayChristmas Eve
December31MondayNew Year's Eve.

Christmas is perhaps the only festival that is celebrated with an equal amount of joy and happiness all across the world. The entire Christian community and even some non-Christians wait for the 25th December every year to regale in fun and festivity. Christmas primarily celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the father of the Christian religion. The word Christmas comes from the Old English word - Cristes Maesse or Christ's Mass. However, the celebrations and customs related to the day have evolved over the years.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, who was believed to be the saviour of mankind. Christmas has always been one of the favourite times of the year for everyone through out the world. The magical events of Christmas are believed to hold each and everyone's heart with joy and freshness. These magical events have been recreated in the many traditions followed during Christmas. The Christmas tree, the star, Santa Claus and the ginger bread man are some traditions that all combine to form the spirit of Christmas. The traditions of Christmas have been aggregated from over half a dozen cultures and accumulated over the centuries. An in-depth look in into its tradition, and one is moved with all the sentiments, symbols and meaning associated with Christmas. All of which combine to give a touch of liveliness and harmony to the season of celebrations. However, no matter which part of the world you are in, the tradition of Christmas blossoms with fun and celebration and carries along with it faith, hope and love.

Christmas Day
Places like Rome, Europe, Scandinavia and many others have celebrated the peak winter days with a grand feast and a lot of gaiety even before the birth of Christ. It was regarded as the perfect time for the celebrations as the period had a good supply of meat and wine, musts for the feast. The winter celebrations revolved around the hope of the coming spring, after the long harsh winters. While Christianity was still in its infancy, Easter used to be the main holiday for the Christian community in most parts of the world. It was only in the fourth...
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