Choral Speaking

Topics: Suffering, Terrorism, Violence against women Pages: 5 (806 words) Published: April 5, 2013
In thunder and lightning,
Here we come, BAM! POW POOF!
For the first time ever
Brought to you live and alive,
To deliver a wonderful piece of our thought
So, have a seat, relax
and let’s go on this journey
Are you ready?! Let’s go!
Introducing our topic entitled……..violence
Hmmm…..Doesn’t this issue sound familiar?
Like old issue only mah (chinese accent)
Excuse me?
It’s an issue!
And it is not to be taken for granted!
Issues are to be dealt with!
See, touch, hold, smell and feeeeeel around you
We all know what’s going on!
The world out there is a dark and gloomy place
Filled with destruction and violence!
Turn on the news and television,
“Violence”, will be the headline
Newsreader 1 : Al-Jazeera news…..
Newsreader 2 : Live,BBC….
Newsreader 3 : CNN reports to you…
Violence, WOAH! It’s everywhere!
Television, newspapers, posters!
Just everywhere!
GOSH it must be absolutely serious
Guys, sorry to break the momentum,
But what’s violence again?
Tch, tch, tch, tch, tch
-pause to think-
Oooh! Oooh! I know! I know!
Violence is an extreme form of aggression!
Rape! Murder! Assaults!
Aaaaaahh!! It’s frightening!
The world that we live in is filled with terror!
Society is unable to live peacefully knowing that violence will always occur! Each year,
more than 16 million people worldwide lose their lives to violence For every person who dies as a result of violence,
many more are being injured and suffer from a range of physical, sexual and mental abuse! Oh no! What is this?! (Indian accent)
Violence is evil!
Is cruel!
And its despicable!
Violence places a massive burden on national economies,
Costing countries billions and billions of dollars!
RM 200 billion for healthcare
RM 500 billion, law-enforcment!
WOW! Loads of money!
Hey, imagine if I had the money,
I can but the Kardashians mansion,
own cars from the Bentley series,
And surrounded by hot chicks….
Aaaaahhhh (in pleasure while the rest stares)
-awkward silence-
What?! I was just joking!
Violence! Violence! Violence!
Youth violence!
Child violence!
Sexual violence, and the list goes on and on….

Did you know, more than 540 adolescenes and young aduls die everyday! Excuse me, you mean everyday?
Yes! Everyday a youth dies as a result of interpersonal violence, that makes it more than 20 deaths per hour!
Oh my gosh! Youth!
No youths(oohhhh),no future(oohhhh),
No future(oohhhh),
NO GLORY!(oooohhhhh!!! - scream with frustration)
The country lies in jeopardy with no youths to take over!
Not only youths,
But millions of children are abused daily too!
And they are neglected at the hands of their parents and caregivers Daddy! Daddy! Let’s play a game!
No! I have no time for that!
Please, Daddy! Pleaaaaaaaaseee!
I say, I have no time! (raises voice)
( whacks ) How many times must I tell?!?!
Daddy, don’t hurt me! Don’t hurt me!
How sad, innocent lives are being tortured
Innocent beings so tender at age and frail in thinking,
beaten, bruised and hurt inhumanely by their caregiver,
even their own parents

Not only children are abused
But men and women too are being sexually violated!
1 out of every 4 women experience abuse by their intimate partner in their lifetime! In America, every 32 seconds a women is being raped!
How sad and discontented we are!
But we stand firm
And as the saying, where there’s a will, there’s a way as our propaganda to fight and destroy violence!

Yeah!-yeah! But who?
Well, I think it’s the government I suppose

Ehem! No! It’s not them! It’s us!
We the youths of tomorrow wear the girdle of truth
The armor of righteousness
And go into the battle field
against the evil ones who began violence
We the youths of tomorrow are here to raise awareness,
prioritize violence,
and expand to the whole entire nation
that violence destroys!
We the youths of Malaysia
are not prepared to just sit, relax and just say
Oh my God! What a...
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