Chinese Family Values

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Chinese Family Values
While China has increasingly adopted Western influences, the traditional family structure is still highly valued and holds a prominent position in the Chinese culture. Both traditional and modern Chinese families have similar values and morals to one another, and these have been a part of daily life for many centuries.Ads by Google Gender Roles

Traditional Chinese family values feature very clear-cut, different roles and rights for men and women. While these are rapidly changing, the original values are still evident on some levels. Males

In the traditional Chinese family, the man is responsible for maintaining, providing for and protecting his family. At the same time, he is given all the decision-making power when it comes to his wife, family and other family members. He is also responsible for taking care of and paying for his children, including their education, until they are married. In modern families, the family members consult elders about important decisions, but the father no longer has the final say in regards to his adult children's lives. Females

Traditional Chinese mothers usually stay in the home to take care of the home, the children, and the rest of the family. Many modern Chinese women have careers, but still rely on their husbands or fathers for financial support at some point in their lives. Patrilineal Descent

Traditional Chinese families honor the patrilineal descent system. This means that a child's lineage and descent is calculated from his father only. Men are the only ones that can inherit family membership and family land or other inheritance in this type of system. Marriage

Marriage, family and children are very important in the Chinese culture. Because such a large portion of the population lived in rural environments for so long, getting married and having children meant that you'd have workers and be able to create and maintain a homestead. Traditional marriages were arranged by the parents of the bride...
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