China And Jap A Comparison Of China And Japan

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Comparison Essay 3: China and Japan
The Asian countries of China and Japan have very different histories of their beginnings and how they became the countries they are today. For hundreds of years, there was very little contact or influence the countries share with one another, for both shared the desire to keep all foreign influences away. While this has certainly created many historical differences in art between these countries, as influence from one another was allowed ideas and techniques were share and assimilated into the preexisting cultures. There are several shared art concepts, but differences in execution between China and Japan. China and Japan are both known for their distinctive gardens, though the gardens serve different purposes and are designed drastically different. The Suzhou Gardens of Japan were built in the middle of
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The literati originated in China, with the artists coming mostly from prominent families and those who were considered “scholar-artists”. The Chinese literati style of art is very personal and nostalgic, with the artists being amateurs and pursued painting simply because that’s what they believe educated people should do. In the 17th century, Chinese monks immigrated to Japan and brought literati painting along with them. The differences the Japanese have incorporated into this art form are drastically different. The Japanese literati were not amateurs, rather they were professionally trained artists who were paid for their artworks. In contrast to China’s main subjects of painting being scenes from nature, the Japanese adapted more works involving common people. The concept of ukiyo-e is to transcend human life and the shortness of the material world. Most pieces of work from this concept revolve around the areas of pleasure; brothels, theaters, also including paintings of beautiful young women in public and domestic

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