Topics: El Al, September 11 attacks, Aircraft Pages: 4 (1389 words) Published: October 23, 2013


1. What is your topic?
Arming Pilots.
2. What is your claim?
Pilots should not be armed.
3. What is your thesis sentence?
Supporters of arming pilots argue that it a better solution than equipping airplanes with sky marshals and that it would considerably enhance the security of airplanes. However, crucial constraints, such as the risk of crash that can be caused by a bullet hole in the airplane, the fact that pilots can’t be blindly trusted to carry guns, and the fact that making airplane cockpits impenetrable is enough to ensure the safety of airplane passengers, makes the project an extremely risky and weak one. 4. What is the hook you plan to use to get your reader’s attention? “Much as December 7, 1941, was a day that transformed the history of the United States, Semptember 11, 2001, has become a date that is watershed in American history “ (Stephen E.A, 2011). 5. How do you plan to introduce your topic and give it relevance to your reader? What background information might you provide for your reader? Provide a bulleted list of points you plan to cover in your introduction and background. In the aftermath of 11th September events, Americans are stunned. The event was unthinkable, even if Al-Qaida had already made deadly attacks against the US interests. Bush’s government is totally shaken up and asks itself: What didn’t function? Where were we wrong? Four airplanes were hijacked in the same day, reflecting the weakness of the US aviation security. In this context, the debate on arming pilots became particularly relevant. 6. What are the counterclaims and the supporting evidence for each counterclaim you plan to include? Provide a bulleted list of the counterclaims and a brief description of the researched evidence you plan to use to support each counterclaim. Counterargument

It is more effective than having Air Marshals armed.

According to Dr. John Lott, formerly a senior research...
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