child soldiers

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Child soldiers the term paper should have pictures and contains 1000 words , plus MLA citation

The use of children as soldiers in armed battle is among the most honorably repugnant {1} practices in the world, as illustrated by this Los Angeles Times photo essay. Children are combatants in nearly three-quarters of the world's conflicts and have posed difficult dilemmas for the professional armies they confront, including the United States'. Yet moral reasons aside, compelling strategic arguments exist for limiting the use of child soldiers: When conflicts involving children end, experts say the prospects for a lasting peace are hurt by large populations of psychologically scarred, demobilized child soldiers. Parts of Africa, Asia, and South America risk long-term instability as generations of youth are sucked into ongoing wars.

Children are a priceless part of the fabric of any society. They are the building blocks of future generations. Yet, they are used and abused in the cruelest manners. How and why? What, if something, can be done now or in the upcoming future?

Child soldiers:
What is a child soldier?
Definition of a child solider: A child associated with an armed force or armed group refers to any person below 18 years of age who is, or who has been, recruited or used by an armed force or armed group in any capacity, including but not limited to children, boys and girls, used as fighters, cooks, porters, spies or for sexual purposes. How and why children are recruited in the military:

Hundreds of thousands of children are used as soldiers in armed conflicts around the world. Many children are abducted and beaten into submission; others join military groups to escape poverty, to defend their communities, out of a feeling of revenge or for other reasons. In a place where schools are closed, fields are destroyed; villages burned and...
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