child rearing practices

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Child-rearing Practices and Parenting Styles
Abegail E. Gabarda
Human Development
Maja Franscisco
January 15, 2013

Child-Rearing Practices and Parenting Styles
Every aspect of one’s life has a distinct effect on his well being. This aspect can possibly be from emotional, environmental, physical, to social aspects of life. Family is connected and a part of each aspect, hence why the family can never be excluded in everyone’s life. Looking more into the influences of the smallest unit of the society, there are many factors that contribute to the impact brought by this agent that seeks for attention. One of these factors that affect an individual’s personality is the way his parents raise him up. Parenting in the early years is an exciting but challenging time, it is never an easy task. Parenting refers to the aspects of raising a child aside from the biological relationship, it dwells on how a parent or a guardian in some cases brought up a child providing his needs, ensuring safety, disciplining, showing love and affection. Parenting in simple words is guiding and supporting your child into an outstanding life until he is old and capable enough to do it by himself. How is Parenting Usually Occurs Nowadays in Terms of Disciplinary Strategies?

The rapid phase of time is slowly changing the customary and conservative practices of raising a child inside a Filipino family. Base from what the elders often told the youngsters, the way of upbringing they had experienced during their childhood into adulthood life was a thousand times strict compare to what the generation as of today undergo. Looking back to the time of our grandparents, the way their own parents raise them was too old-fashioned and superstitious. According to some old folks their parents usually have set rules that once a single one is broken will immediately result to a punishment for them to learn from and remember. An old lady said...
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