Child Observation

Topics: Observation, Childhood, Developmental psychology Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Watching children at play has always been quite a fascinating experience for me. Seeing them interact with each other always makes you stop and think to yourself, why are they doing the things and acting the way that they are? Having the chance to observe a child in their everyday environment was such an experience and brought so many things into perspective. I had the chance to observe such a unique two and half year old little boy named Asher. Asher, since day one has always stood out from other kids for me, and it was such an exciting time to be able to observe him at his house with his mother, Shannon, and father, Brandon. During the observation, Brandon, was watching television socializing with the other people in the room, while Shannon was primarily trying to interact with and entertain Asher. While observing Asher he still held my attention as far as not being like most boys his age. Asher like always was very quiet, laid back, and preferred playing with his toys instead of people interaction. Be it that he was this way, is what I thought made him unique, I believe he was the perfect little boy to be immersed in.

During my observation of Asher, he spent most of his time playing by himself and interacting with the dog within the household. Asher played for almost the entire two hours that I was concentrated on him, mainly talking to himself and only really interacting with the people around him if he needed something that he couldn't obtain on his own. I noticed that when Asher's mom would try and make conversation with him or take his attention off of one toy and put it to use somewhere else he was anything but interested and instead just fully ignored her and continued doing what he wanted.

Another thing that stood out during this observation was the lack of language that Asher presented with. He talked some but not as much as one would think a toddler his age would. I watched Asher all the way up until bed time, where again unlike most children he...
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