Child Labor

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How do I start a four page thesis on child labor?
It's double spaced and one of the pages can be a bibliography so it's technically three pages. I just don't get how you're supposed to start it. And please don't give me websites to generators or things like that.. 4 years ago Report Abuse


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INTRODUCTION: open with a statement of fact.

Child labor remains one of the major social issues. Children have historically been a part of the labor force; especially, with the advent of industrialization. There are many instances throughout history in which children have been indentured or forced into child slavery within the labor market. Children were viewed as a cheap, manageable and renewable labor resources by individuals and business. Source(s):

Hope that helps.
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debbie b
You need to start off with a thesis statement. It basically tells the reader what the article is about. Child labor was the product of the Industrial Revolution in the ???. Children worked in the factories and mills in Great Britian and America for long hours and for little pay. There was no law in place to protect children at the time. But in ?? a law was passed to make child labor illegal. I dont know the dates but u probably do, but this is how it should be. 4 years ago Report Abuse

how about starting with how privileged some kids like u n me r.... n then u cld go on to show how contrasting the lives of the kids who work for each days meals are from ours...
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