Child Abuse Essay

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Lauren Arnold
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Effects of Abuse on Babies, Infants, and Toddlers Later in Life

The causes of child abuse on infants, babies, and toddlers are catastrophic. There are several people who get abused from infancy to adultance. Each person who gets abused and survives the trauma is left with devastating memories. Many abused children come from homes that are disturbed, chaotic, and violent. (Markham). A child who has been abused is more likely to grow up into an angry teenager who gets into fights and has other difficulties, which may carry into adulthood to cause more problems (Dalton). Abusive behavior, abusive parents often have experienced abuse during their own childhoods. It is estimated approximately one third of abused and neglected children will eventually victimize their own children (Child Welfare Information Gateway). Victims of abuse can leave many scars from the past to the future and can change their life in many ways.

Causes of child abuse can do permanent damage for the rest of their lives. One cause of child abuse is the way an adult can’t handle their aggression. Many parents get mad at their children and don’t know how to control their anger toward them. Being a parent is very stressful and has many expectations. Those who are not ready to be a parent and don’t know what to expect, having a family can be very challenging. Parents who can’t handle the life of being a parent, are more likely to get mad and out of control. If the parent can’t hold back their anger, they may abuse their children. There are many ways of treatment for parents who are willing to try to learn how to control their anger for their families.

Parents who abuse drugs and alcohol have many known cases of child abuse. Drug and alcohol abuse often lead to child abuse because these substances cause people to lose self control. Parents who engage in substance abuse are almost three times more likely to neglect them (Child Abuse). Families where alcohol or other drugs are being abused, behavior is frequently unpredictable and communication is unclear. Behavior can range from loving to withdrawn to crazy. Children who experience having parents of substance abuse may feel scared or frightened, not knowing what reaction is coming next. Children can be scared to talk or make sudden moves around their parent/parents when they come home, because of sudden outbursts and substance abuse.

Lack of parenting is a huge factor in the causes of child abuse. Parents that are not experienced in parenting can have a big surprise of being overwhelmed and not ready to deal with being a parent. Parents may be surprised at the amount of care and attention that infants and children need (Child Abuse). Parental control may lead to a number of problems in a child’s life. One of the traits that a child may develop due to strict parental control is rebelliousness. If parents constantly restrict the child from doing something that he really wants to do, he might retaliate and develop aggressive behavior. Depression, social withdrawal, negative behavior, and criminal behaviors may also occur. Parents need to teach children right from wrong and how to learn from their mistakes. Unfortunately, some parents are not involved in their child’s day to day life experiences. These children do not have the opportunity to learn through parental guidance. Bad choices and poor self esteem result from unstructured parenting. An entitlement mentality of “This is how I was raised and I turned out just fine” is a way to justify abusive parenting tactics.

Another cause for parents abusing their children is the environment they grew up in as children themselves. Adults who suffered abuse in their childhood are more likely to abuse their own children because the family model they grew up in is flawed. Parents that grew up with harsh methods of discipline may be more prone to violence and use it on their own children. The majority of parents never...
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