Chicken of the Sea Case Study

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Chicken of the Sea International: The Jessica Simpson Spokesperson Decision

1. Consumers go through a low-involving decision making process when purchasing a canned tuna. Initially, consumers recognize their problem in needing or wanting canned tunas, through the new products that are in the tuna market—like the tuna salad kit—or when the product is out of stock at home. However, it all depends upon how consumers’ perceive a problem and the motivation to solve their need or want. For a canned tuna, it will most likely follow the physiological need within Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The product responds to the primary need of hunger, a basic need that needs to be satisfied. Consumers then search for information in regards to the different product brands out in the market. Usually, they seek information internally by recalling past experiences and/or the knowledge regarding various purchase alternatives. Additionally, consumers may engage in external search through personal sources such as their family and friends. During this time, consumers’ perception of the product brands is also influenced when seeking external information. Once acquiring the information, consumers then pre-evaluate and compare the brands they are interested through an evaluative criterion and the consequential outcomes consumers will experience from a particular brand. This period is also when consumers form attitudes towards certain brands. When consumers make a purchase decision, consumers often may develop brand loyalty when purchasing low-involvement items like canned tuna. Finally, consumers post-evaluate their purchase decision either determining if they were satisfied (or not) with the product.

2. The canned tuna market was leaning towards multiple forms of communication, such as specialized media, retailer dominance, and widespread Internet availability. Additionally, a changing environment with consumers led to significant product innovations in the tuna category....
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