Chicago Skyline

Topics: Willis Tower, Chicago, John Hancock Center Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Chicago Skyline
I don’t know if the Chicago Skyline is one of Illinois official seven wonders. I do know that is one of mine. At some point in everyone’s life they should make the journey to experience the magnificent view of the Chicago Skyline. Young or old, whether it is day or night, winter or summer, by land or by sea and without a doubt by air the Chicago Skyline will never fail you expectations. I remember the first time seeing the Skyline. I was a young child driving with my family. We were coming from the North Suburbs of Lake County, riding along interstate 94. Keep in mind the tallest building along the way is maybe five stores. When all of a sudden the highway turns to the east and you are presented with this architectural wonder, The Chicago Skyline. It seems that all you can see is this beautiful canvas of buildings. As we drove closer you could begin to see the combination of brick, steel and glass. The buildings look as though they are touching the sky; the clouds were floating around the Sears Tower. The glass and steel from the buildings would glisten as the sun struggled to shine through. The second time the Chicago Skyline burnt and image in my mind. I was a teen again driving from the North heading down the same interstate, however this drive was much different it was late fall and the weather was severe. The sky was grey, the clouds were thick with rain and the thunder roared. The Skyline was fierce on this day. The beautiful buildings that glistened from the sun now were sharp blades of steel that looked as though they were in battle with the sky. The lighting show was electrifying as it danced with the Chicago Skyline. It took several times of being mesmerized by the skyline before I was able to really grasp the architectural marvel of the Chicago Skyline. The first building that comes to mind is The Sears Tower (Willis Tower), this building gives the meaning to skyscraper standing 1,451 ft and boasts North...
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