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Treatment of chemotherapy on the liver
Anatomy Honors, Period 6

Chemotherapy is known to have many negative side effects on all different parts of the body. Your hair falls out and your body becomes weak, but what effect does it have on your liver? This paper explores the effects chemo has on a person by review of scientific articles and experiments. Medicine

Bleomycin is known to induce DNA strand breakage but is an integral part of chemotherapy in patients with germ-cell tumors. One of the largest side effects of Bleomycin in chemo treatment is Bleomycin-Induced Pneumonitis, a life-threatening interstitial pulmonary fibrosis. BIP brings about eosinophilic liver lesions according to Filip YFL. De Vos et. al. Contrastingly, Thiol compounds have been proven to have therapeutic effects on liver tumors and other organs. These compounds are used to produce new modifications of drugs for immunotherapy (M.E. Solovyeva et. al). The combined drug/rPb40 treatment exhibited long-lasting control of Paracoccidioidomycosis (PCM) in the liver and spleen and largely preserved the tissue structures of these organs. Despite the lack of areduction in CFUs in the group that received the combined treatment, there was a significant reduction in the size of the lesions in the lungs after 70 days of infection (V.C. Fernandes et. al). Most treatments used in chemotherapy actually tend to aid in reduction of tumors and liver problems, so the effects are not negative but rather positive. Nosode treatments also aid liver issues, although a recurring parasite is present in the liver (U. Bagai et. al). These studies prove that certain chemotherapy treatments can aid your liver issues, setting out what it is meant to do. Treatments

Chemotherapy has some very negative effects, but certain treatments are shown to decrease damage to the liver and cause tumors and lesions to disappear slowly. Shunsuke Nojiri et. al recommended starting treatment...
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