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ENGE 2314 – C++
Class Participation Choice Form
Spring 2012
Due: Midnight, Friday, January 27

The default grade for class participation is 10%. Participation on the forum is highly recommended. Research has clearly shown that explaining things to others – teaching – helps the person doing the explaining to really learn the material. Students sometimes figure things out just by organizing their thoughts enough to phrase their question. And many many people think they know something, but when they explain, it becomes clear that they haven’t quite got it. Then we can clear things up. It is very important that your focus be on understanding and learning the material, not just on getting a homework grade. If your focus is on this, getting good test grades and completing the homeworks will be much easier for you. Therefore, as a default, participation on the forum counts for 10% of your final grade. However, there are students who prefer to work through the material on their own and who feel they do not benefit from classroom interaction or collaboration on homework. If you prefer this style of learning, you can opt to have class participation count only for 5% of your final grade, or you can opt to have it not count at all. In those cases, the other grades will be increased proportionally. If you want to use one of these options, you must submit this Class Participation Choice Form by midnight, January 27. No alternate grading arrangements can be made after that time.

I choose to have my class-participation grade count for 5% of my final grade. ___

I choose to NOT have my class-participation grade count into my final grade. ___


This form is not valid unless signed and submitted by 1/27/12. Your class-participation choice is irrevocable after this date.
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