Checkpoint functionality of programs

Topics: Object-oriented programming, Computer, Pearson Education Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: April 17, 2015
When a program starts in an object-oriented language, information is put into compartments. This is what allows the program to compute things. We must understand how we are able to take an e-business and when examining an order that has been placed within a program. All of the data is put into the right compartments, but we must consider what happens when the order needs to be submitted. The program has to have the capability of taking the data from the compartments and saving it to a file that can be stored and accessed. Once the program is terminated, any data that hasn’t been backed up is lost. In an e-business or any business for that matter, backing up data is crucial in order to prevent having to re-access everything into the systems when we need it. “File processing is one of the most important capabilities a language must have to support commercial applications, which typically store and process massive amounts of persistent data” (Deitel & Deitel, 2002). Therefore, it is even more essential for an e-business because they do not have the luxury to rely on manual paper systems. A business needs this capability to store the information they currently have by creating databases where we are able to review multiple entries of data, as well as transfer the same database from one instance of the program to a different instance that is on another computer. Therefore we are able to have the customer input the order details as the product number, quantity and other information. We may than use the interface to click the process through in order to record the order information and then produce the final bill for a customer. The order information would then be stored in a text file or any other format which would then be an interface that is designed for a server or department store’s computer for further processing. Overall the Java-based application that is able to have file access and file processing methods are essential for e-business’s in any environment...

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1.) Deitel, H.M., & Deitel, P.J. (2002). Java: How to program (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, Nj: Pearson Education.
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