Chasing Redbird

Topics: Family, Clearing, Rose Pages: 2 (909 words) Published: September 9, 2008
My story (Chasing Redbird) is about a thirteen year old girl named Zinnia Taylor who lives in Bybanks Kentucky. She has many brothers and sisters! There names are May, Ben, Will, Sam, Bonnie, and Gretchen. They live in a house with their parents. They share a house with their Aunt and uncle. Zinny always feels like she is invisible. She has no hope in life at all since her cousin Rose dies when she was little. From there on she was different. A while after her death, her Aunt Jessie dies unexpectedly at their house. Then, right after her death as Zinny goes to check on her Squirt gardens (little gardens each of the kids have) she finds a path in the bushes. Now that Zinny has found the trail she took all her time into trying to find out where it leads too.

The longer she cleared out the path she found a map at a museum she went to and saw it was the map to her trail. She makes a copy of the map and brings it home to examine it. This gets her even more determined to clear out this whole trail. Every time she cleared out the trail she found different parts of the trail. As she went farther, she found Maidens Walk. Since she has found that map in the museum she found a lot more things. But in every story there is always something that’ stops the main character and in this story, Jake Boone does. He likes his friend Zinny but Zinny thinks that he likes her sister May because every boy is nice to Zinny to get closer to May. So Zinny thinks it’s just all a trick: Buying her presents helping her on her trail, things like that. But, that doesn’t stop Zinnia Taylor.

Since that doesn’t bother her she is still working very hard on her trail every single day all day until she is tired. The longer she clears, she starts to think that the tail is getting to big and need to camp out their. On account of she has already covered and cleared. She knew what to do this time. She will ask her parents if they will let her stay up there for a couple of weeks on...
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