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By IssaTheKing Sep 15, 2014 448 Words
Annie's story
The short story "Annie's story", by Elisabeth Russell Taylor. The short story is about a little girl named Annie. Annie's father is a contributor to the Science Survey magazine, and he has a twin brother Hugo. Little Annie said to her father earlier that day, that she rather be her Uncle Hugo's daughter then his. Right in the beginning we get a feeling that Annie dislikes her father because he is never around for Annie. He is always in his study room. That's why she calls him a researcher because he always got a book to read or got a paper to finish. But her mother is the total opposite of the father. The mother doesn't do one thing that's compared to the father, and love being outdoors. Annie can see that her parents is opposite from each other and Annie can see that her mother and uncle are more alike. Annie's father is more the timid type and must have structure on everything and in relation to her uncle who is more the spontaneous and laid back type and is fun to be around with. The mother tells Annie that there are going to Pond Hills and Annie knew without a label who lives in Pond Hills and that does her uncle Hugo. On the way to Uncle Hugo Annie and her mother picks honeysuckle and red campion. After they had walked for a while Annie asked her mother why they never goes’ on holidays. The mother replied that Annie’s father didn’t like holiday. That made Annie think why and then she remembered that her father is a researcher. When they came over to Uncle Hugo he had made cream cheese and strawberry jam that says a lot about the two twins and how different they are from each other. Annie goes out to play and Uncle Hugo and the mother talks about that the mother have to leave her family. As I read the short story I learn more and more about how the mother is pregnant with her husband’s brother’s child. The mother had been unfaithful to her husband and that agents Christianity and in 1997 people looks down on adultery. Annie over hears theirs conversation but didn’t quite get what they meant when there was talking. They came back home and the mother went direct in the kitchen and made supper. Later that night Annie hears that her parents are arguing and her father is talking just like Annie when she’s sad and that’s shows how much they have in common. The next morning the mother was gone and it was just Annie and her father.

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