Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Topics: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka, Johnny Depp Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: July 24, 2011
When you Google the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory you get a lot of discussion about which actor portrayed Mr. Wonka better than the other actor. There are other discussions between which version holds truer to the book. After watching numerous of times each movie one starts to wonder why no one discusses which film portrayed family and parenting issues better using the different techniques of cinema that we have learned in our film course. Although I do believe that the acting and performance style of the two different actors is very important, I would argue Tim Burton’s remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory represents in the truest form the differences in family and how parents and children’s relationship to one another. I would argue that even though I personal like Stewart original film of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I believe that it’s a great film but doesn’t convey family relationships as well as Tim Burton’s interpretation. In comparing the two different movies we can see that Tim Burton used to show the different parent-child relationships by using proximic patterns and camera lighting to represent the relationships. In the 1971 version Mel Stuart shows the differences in the relationship not by camera lighting and proximic patterns but by relying on acting and sound to convey the same message. In the beginning of the film, Tim Burton sets the movie talking about Charlie’s father and the family’s relationship with each other. In the first few scenes, we learn a lot about Charlie and the Buckett family. We can analyze the proxemics patterns and compare it to Charlie’s relationship with Mr. Buckett. When Mr. Buckett comes home from the toothpaste factory screwing caps all day he sits right next to Charlie. In our text box, Understanding movies, Edward Hall talked about the proxemics patterns which is the relationship between characters or things within a given space. By Edward...
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