The Breakfast Club

Topics: Stereotype, The Breakfast Club, Stereotypes Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Text: Film
Title: The Breakfast Club
Director: John Hughes

The breakfast club is an inspiring film directed by John Hughes about five different teen stereotypes a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. They break down barriers and realize they are much more alike then they all thought they would be.

John Hughes uses the five different stereotypes as social barriers. However he breaks each one of these down showing how each one is the same through how they got themselves in to detention. The athlete, Andrew is all about wrestling as it’s the only thing that makes his father happy, to see him succeed. He gets himself into detention to impress his father. The criminal, John pulled the fire alarm to get attention because he gets none at home. Claire, the princess ditched class to go shopping. She did it because her parents won’t care. Brian the Brain got a detention for having a gun in his locker. He was attempting to commit suicide because he got an ‘F’. He couldn’t handle failing his parents. The basket-case, Allison is in detention because neither one of her parents give a crap about her. Each one of these stereotypes Hughes has put in detention is to show the social barriers can be broken down through a common rebellion against their parents. Hughes has written about the breakdown of social stereotyping barriers in the 1980’s, however I think the stereotype breakdowns are still relevant to this day and age. Internet has helped people not label others as much. Now people meet though internet, and this makes the first impression useless in what it refers to appearance. Teenagers get to know each other more, so they don’t fall for the stereotypical appearance of others. I find that what has also changed between the 80s and now is that studies have become more important. It is true that we still think a lot about our appearance, clothes, etc. but the society has made us more aware of the fact that without studies we maybe wouldn’t be...
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