Character Sketch

Topics: High school, Eye, Middle school Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Character Sketch
My friend Dominique is the most amazing friend anybody could ask for. We’ve been through so much together, we’re basically like sisters. We met on the first day of school when I was in the sixth grade and she was in the seventh grade. She was having trouble finding a class because she was the new student and she asked me if I could help her out. I told her of course I could because I was going to that class as well. When we got inside she whispered to me, “I’m kind of nervous because I don’t know anybody at this school and I said “You do now.”We’ve been friends ever since. Today Dominique stands at about 5’7”; she has medium length brown hair, stopping just at her shoulders. Some people would call her chubby but I’d say she’s the average weight for her age and height; she has this caramel skin tone that she applies make-up to every chance she gets, and you’ll never catch her without a set of perfectly manicured nails and toes and the latest designer hand bag. She’s a very goofy person, she laughs at just about everything and when she does, you see about a hundred white perfectly straight teeth – so bright, you almost need sunglasses when you look at her. When she laughs, her eyes grow wide, glowing hazel brown. Dominique likes to dress very different. She’s the type of person that’s very into the different stuff like vintage clothing. She’s a dare devil and she’s very unpredictable. Sometimes she’ll wear a t-shirt and some jeans or a fancy dress with red lipstick and eye shadow. She must have three closets full of clothes and shoes, because I hardly ever see her wear the same outfit twice. She has almost every shoe in every color that u can think of. Over the years of getting to know her I have learned that she is very creative, determined, intelligent, generous, passionate about everything she does, and very open-minded. The one thing that stands out about Dominique the most is her passion for creativity in fashion. The reason I say this is...
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