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Character Analysis: The Great Gatsby

By cfuenmayorsosa Mar 26, 2013 837 Words
Overview: Your team will create one PowerPoint presentation according to the instructions below. Each member of your team will contribute information and help the leader compile the information into one final presentation. Team assignment:

* Your team will select one of the following characters from The Great Gatsby: * Nick Carraway
* Jay Gatsby
* Daisy Buchanan
* Tom Buchanan
* Jordan Baker
* Myrtle Wilson
* George Wilson
* As a team, create a profile for that character as if he /she is a member of a modern day social networking site, such as Facebook or MySpace. * Your team's final presentation should be a PowerPoint presentation of 5-7 slides. Include at least three visuals and at least four of the following items: * A quotation that expresses the character's philosophy of life * A brief description of the character's family or friends. * A brief description of the time in which the character lives. * A brief description of the world in which the character lives. * A brief description of the character's conflicts or struggles. * Something interesting about the character.

As the week begins, join your team and do the following:
* Each team should select a leader.
* Each team member should participate fully.  Points will be based on both the amount of material posted and the quality of the work posted.  * Remember that short comments, such as “I will go along with what everyone wants to do,” may earn no points.  Offer significant material that advances the project. * Instead of listing websites, offer the information from that site along with the reference. * Do not just offer material that was cut-and-pasted from websites; instead, write the information in your own words, and cite your sources.   Note about visuals: Your team can create your own visuals, use clip art, or use items from the Internet. If you use Internet images in your presentation, cite the sources on your final slide.  

Post your team's final presentation in Doc Sharing.
At the end of the week, you may download the other team projects posted in Doc sharing and enjoy viewing them.

Daisy is the center of the story, and the character who originates the vast majority of events within the book. The life and fortune of Gatsby are built on the hope that someday he may revive his love with Daisy. Daisy has something that makes her special, and she is different from Jordan, and the rest of the women in the work, and this is seen through the narrations of Nick and Gatsby, and even in the way in which Tom defends her image in front of his lover. She is woman native of Louisville, Kentucky and through the stories told by Jordan, we know that she was the center of attention and the soul of the party, and is a beautiful woman who likes to have fun and flirt through cheeky and extremely frivolous conversations, and this is so inevitable that even her cousin is a victim of her gadgets, she did it at her first party at Gatsby’s house: “These things excite me so,” she whispered. “If you want to kiss me any time during the evening, Nick, just let me know and I’ll be glad to arrange it for you. Just mention my name. Or present a green card. I’m giving out green”. Nick describes the voice of Daisy as beautiful, mysterious, flirtatious, intriguing, exciting, sensual, and famous, and Gatsby includes that it is full of money; on several occasions, the characters comment that it is a magical instrument used by her, which is full of promises and beautiful things on the distance, and Daisy uses her seductive voice to drag people towards her, especially to Gatsby since the voice of Daisy speaks of everything he want of it, wealth, social status, true happiness and he cannot refuse to this attraction. Besides her seductive and alluring voice, she is a dreamy woman and she sees her past with melancholy and idealizes her first love affair, presenting her present as boring and stuffy and she struggles daily with the pressures of society which forced her to marry an aggressive, overbearing and arrogant man who woke her up from her childhood dreams and made her realize that very often dreams don't become reality, although in her deep insight, she keeps the hope that hers can become a reality. But Daisy's biggest problem is that she is not a mythical goddess, but she is an ordinary person with strengths and weaknesses, and she is used to live her life in a certain way, following the rules and by this obedience, she hopes some rewards. When Gatsby comes back to her life, moving its foundations and challenging her to leave behind these ties and conventionalisms, she frightens, and decides to return to her safe harbor, which is Tom, and prefers to be unhappy that to have to sacrifice her live to escape with Gatsby, and leave everything behind. She is selfish and only thinks about her, unlike Gatsby who made his life according to his unconditional love towards her.

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