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Topics: The Grapes of Wrath, Great Depression, Dust Bowl Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: April 19, 2014
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Aliisa  Mason
Professor  Lewis
23  February  2014
Ma  Joad  Character  Analysis
The  Grapes  of  Wrath  is  a  story  about  family  and  hardships  during  the  time  of  the  Great Depression.  The  story  follows  the  Joad  family  as  they  search  for  jobs  out  west  after  being  forced  out  of their  home  in  Oklahoma.  The  Joad’s  are  challenged.  They  have  hardly  any  money  and  jobs  are  very scarce.  Throughout  the  novel  the  family  struggles  but  towards  the  end  it  is  evident  that  times  may  be changing.  Ma  Joad  was  the  heart  and  soul  of  the  family.  She  kept  the  family  together  with  her  strength, compassion  and  optimism.

Ma  Joad’s  strength  is  what  helped  the  family  survive.  Whenever  she  was  told  by  someone  that they  were  planning  on  leaving  she  would  not  allow  it.  She  wanted  to  keep  the  family  together  because that  is  the  only  way  they  would  be  able  to  live  through  these  terrible  times.  Ma  Joad  is  really  the backbone  of  the  family.  When  Rosasharn  was  getting  worried  about  her  baby,  Ma  Joad  was  there  for her  and  helped  reassure  her  that  everything  would  be  alright.  Tom  Joad  suggested  that  him  and  Casy should  stay  behind  and  fix  the  Wilson’s  car  and  they  will  catch  up  with  the  family  later.  Ma  shows  her strength  when  she  does  not  allow  it  to  happen.  She  stood  her  ground  against  Pa  and  says,  “I  ain’t a-­gonna  go.”  (Steinbeck  168).  Ma  didn’t  want  the  family  to  split  up  because  of  the  bitter  road  ahead. She  continues  by  saying,  “What  we  got  lef’  in  the  worl’?  Nothin’  but  us.  Nothin’  but  the  folks” (Steinbeck  169).  Ma  proves  to  be  a  strong  and  powerful  woman  that  will  stand  her  ground  and  make sure  that  the  family  sticks  together.

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Ma  Joad  is  also  a  very  compassionate  woman.  It  is  very...
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