Sound of Music

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The Sound of Music was generally based on the first section of Maria’s book The Story of the Trapp Family Singers (published in 1949), there were many alterations and added details. A few of the details were,

One, Maria came to the von Trapp family in 1926 as a tutor for one of the children, Maria, who was recovering from scarlet fever was not at all a governess to the children. Two, Maria and the Captain were married in 1927, 11 years before the family left Austria, not right before the Nazi takeover of Austria.

Three, Maria did not marry Georg von Trapp because she was in love with him. She said in her autobiography Maria, that she fell in love with the children at first sight, not their father. When he asked her to marry him, she was not sure if she should leave her religious practice but the nuns advised her to do God’s will and marry Georg. “I really and truly was not in love. I liked him but didn’t love him. However, I loved the children, so in a way I really married the and by I learned to love him more than I have ever loved before or after.” ( Maria, The Biography)

Four, there were ten, not seven von Trapp children.
Five, the names, ages, and sexes of the children were changed. Six, the family was very musical before Maria came but she did teach them to sing madrigals.
Seven, Georg was a gentle, warmhearted man who loved participating in musical activities with is family, unlike the harsh man shown in the film at the beginning. This change may have made for a better story, with Maria being the soother for the von Trapps, it really miss betrayed the family.

Eight, The family did not secretly escape over the Alps to freedom in Switzerland, carrying their suitcases and musical instruments. They told people that they were going to america to sing and they did not climb over mountains but they took the train pretending nothing.

Nine, the von Trapps traveled to Italy, not to...
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