Chapters 1 5 Kite Runner Reading Questions

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I.CHAPTERS 1-5(PP. 1-47)
Reading Questions
1. The flashback is used to give a history behind the story and also background information about the author. Based on the narrator, I learned that he does not have a mother and his father is very popular in his town. In the first chapter, the description of the winter day in 1975 sounds as if the narrator is hiding something as well. They might be burying their past, but it also states that it always claws its way out, foreshadowing an event that might occur. He also moved to San Francisco to get away or avoid thinking about the past.

2. Hassan is a harelipped (cleft lip) kite runner, his best friend or play mate is Amir who is rich, the opposite of Hassan. Hassan has a round face like a Chinese doll, flat broad nose, slanting green narrow eyes, tiny ears, and pointed stub chin. A cleft lip is a birth defect that usually appears as a missing part of the upper lip that can extend towards the nose. Harelip is another term for cleft lip, but is considered an offensive way to say it. He was also poor and he was not close to a lot of people. Hassan’s relationship based on his friendship with Amir, is that he was loyal to him and never told on his friends, he was easily persuaded to do things even when he knew he would upset his father. Hassan’s first word was Amir and I believe this was important because he was special to him. Just like a baby learning their first words such as “mama” or “dada”, Amir was Hassan’s first word, which as a result shows a significant meaning between how close they are towards each other. Hassan and Amir were both nursed by the same woman, and it is known that people who were fed from the same breasts have a kinship and even share a brotherhood. The contrast between Hassan and Amir would be that, Hassan is poor, Hazara Shi’a Muslim, lives in a mud shack, he runs for the kite, humble, athletic, loyal, intelligent, and always read Amir’s mind. Amir was wealthy, educated, higher class, Pashtun, controls the kite, clumsy, selfish, jealous, and his father was known in the town unlike Ali, Hassan’s father.

3. A Hazara is known to be a group of people in a minority group that are somewhat treated like slaves and were consider as the lower caste. In the novel, Ali, Sanaubar, and Hassan were Hazaras.

4. A Pashtun or also known as the Sunnis are majority groups that are considered as people from the higher caste system. Which also meant that they were given more respect by the community while Hazaras were not known? Amir, Rahim Khan, and Amir’s Baba are Pashtuns.

5. Amir’s Baba built the house they live in, and it is also the biggest house in the town. Amir elaborates on how his house looks to explain how much his wealth they had and also to reflect on the memories he has while growing up there. His vivid description made it sound like he felt safe, happy, and comfortable in that home in Kabul.

6. Sanubar is Hassan’s mother who ran off with a clan of travelling singers and dancers after his birth. This contrast to Amir’s mother because his mother went through hemorrhaged during childbirth with him and died. She was young and beautiful, had a dishonorable reputation, as a result making her leave Ali and Hassan.

7. Ali was Hassan’s father and the children called him “Babalu” or “Boogeyman” because he has polio so he had difficulties while walking and he also had paralysis on the lower part of his face which made it hard for him to make any facial expressions such as smiling or frowning.

8. Amir feels that his relationship with his father is very distant. Though Amir wants to be close with his father, he does feel the love and worth he desires from his Baba.

9. The King’s cousin is Daoud Khan, who had ended the King’s forty-year reign with a bloodless coup, because the King, his cousin, was away in Italy.

10. Baba is Amir’s father. He built the most beautiful house in Kabul, and also...
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