Chapter Summary: Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

Topics: Macbeth, KILL, William Shakespeare, Oedipus, Duncan I of Scotland, Three Witches / Pages: 3 (670 words) / Published: Sep 21st, 2016
“He staggered to his feet, tensed for more terrors,” (Golding 200) and looked up to meet the eyes of his attacker. Roger had once been considered his ally, perhaps even his friend, but now it had come to this. Roger had simply changed, as had the rest of them. His eyes were different now, more primal and instinctive, willing to do unthinkable acts as long as they stayed behind that mask of paint. Ralph wished he had noticed this before he had tried to change the unchangeable look in their eyes, before he had led Piggy to his death, before he had decided to run from his inevitable fate.
His mind jerking back into the moment, Ralph grabbed his spear, made a warning swipe at Roger, and making one last futile attempt to convert this savage before him back into the boy that had attended a prestigious London school, he shouted “Roger this isn’t you! Remember who you were before all of this. If you lay down your spear I’ll drop mine too and we can just talk about it. I’m willing to forgive and forget if you are.”
At Ralph’s words,
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Looking down at what he had done, Jack felt nothing. He turned at looked at the roaring flames hungrily consuming the island that he had so loosely called home these past few months. The island was even less of a home to him now than it ever was. Even though he was the sole ruler now, the island had turned on him and the rest of the boys. He felt colder now than ever, despite the raging inferno before him. Rescue is not coming. Rescue is not coming today, not tomorrow, not ever. He knew that now. Despite that, he knew that their time on the island was coming to a swift end. He sat and watched the fire devour any chance of survival for the boys and began to wipe the paint off his face with the back of his arm. He no longer needed to hide behind a painted face. He had become the painted savage through and

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