Chapter 6 12 Questions
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Mohsin Hamid: The Reluctant Fundamentalist
1. America is mourning the September 11 attacks, this give way to America retaliating towards various insurgent groups located in the Middle East.
2. Changez views Chris as a rival, due to Erica’s ongoing attachment to him.
3. Popcorn shrimp refers to the American delicacy which acts as a reminder of something so common in New York. He compares the delicacy to the flowers found in Lahore so indicate he is loyal to his country.
4. His Princeton degree and Underwood Samson business car always provided him respect which was a certain social class in New York and in comparison to his family who had fallen out of the social class they had once belonged to.
5. The relationship between Changez and Erica starts to develop more intensely, they try to engage in sexual activity however Erica rejects him because she still loves Chris.
6. ‘Armour of denial’ referred to Changez not wanting to admit the feelings of distain he feels towards America as he has just begun to settle in.
7. New Jersey Cable operating company, Changez continues to focus on his job however during a valuation in New Jersey that involved job cuts he begins to see the first hand ramifications of job loss on people’s lives. He starts to become uncomfortable with the idea that the place in which he came from (Pakistan) could just waste away. He’s at battle with himself regarding staying true to his culture or dwelling on the idea that he had chosen a field of endeavour that seemed of great prestige.
8. Jim tells him that power comes from becoming change meaning that Changez should forget about his old life instead embrace the new change as well as opportunities he is presented with in America. Whereas Wainwright advices him to “Remember your deals would go ahead whether you worked them or not. And focus on the fundamentals.”
9. Changez trembles with fury when he comes upon a newscast with ghostly night-vision images of American troops dropping into

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