Chapter 3 Macdonalization.

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Globalization and the possibility of the DeMcdonaldization of society
On the last chapter of his book, Ritzer tries to show us that there are proofs out there that we are moving away from mcdonaldization, that not everything is controlled or predetermined by society or gigantic fast food chains. He starts the explanation of the Demacdonalization by tying it to Globalization and the several examples given throughout the book. On the first couple paragraphs Ritzer talks about the elements of the definition of Mcdonaldization: Transplanetary, that is the power of Mcdonaldization to spread and being known all around the world , Set of processes , which is its ability of affecting several sectors of our society and the world by its processes (Efficiency, Predictability , Calculability and control) , Liquid refers to the mobility of Mcdonalization since it is not locked in a place but everywhere around the society, Multidirectional Flows and global flow of people, that is the process where Mcdonaldization flows and affects other countries in the world and Structure ,that which is the creation of supply chains , warehouses that expedite the flow of process.

On the next part of the Chapter Ritzer talks about the DeMcdonaldization of society by taking a look at Starbucks and Starbuckization. The main idea of Starbuckization is that McDonalds is not on top anymore for several reasons such as: 1) other businesses depend on Starbucks, such as the coffee store chains 2) copies of Starbucks have emerged around the world for example in China and Ethiopia 3) A new index was created based on Starbucks products like the Big Mac index in order to compare prices and the economy of different countries and finally and 4) A book was written base on Starbucks leadership principles. Later Ritzer also compares and analyzes the possibility of Starbuckization replacing Mcdonalization , which he express his opinion with a big “no” by saying that McDonalds started the fast food industry...
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