Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature and Studies

This represents the review of foreign and local literature and studies that help the proponents to get more information that would support and complete their study. The ideas presented will be a guide to determine relevant matters on the course of the study being undertaken.

Related Literature

Local Literature
Government Text Message System
Information needs to be fast and accurate, in order for us to prevent or act quickly during the times of weather and disasters; late and inaccurate information may lead to loss of lives not by hundred but probably thousands to billions of Filipinos. Taking this into consideration the government took a step by launching the first government text message system in which weather and disaster situations, government programs and news advisories are contained.

Lawyer Jose Fabia stated that “it would be up to the Philippine Information Agency “force multipliers”(2012) in the regions to further spread the text messages to the rest of the public in their respective areas." This means that the speed on how to inform people is affected by the number of people who send their messages to other. Mobile Phone Application for Disaster Preparedness

Information plays a vital role in disaster preparedness, specific details and information about those things that are being related to disasters may help to improve disaster response effectiveness and efficiency. Raymund Liboro of Department of Science and Technology project director for NOAH ( Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards) said “When it comes to getting and accessing information, there is nothing more ubiquitous than the mobile phone,”(2012) because, mobile phones can be accessed everywhere and most people have them. Using sensors, rain gauges, and weather monitoring systems installed by the government in various parts of the country, the application will provide information on rainfall probability over the next 1-4 hours in 200 sites, real-time information on water levels, and an overview of which areas are affected by rain and humidity. “While this information is already available on the NOAH website, the mobile app accelerates the speed by which users can access this information.”Raymund Liboro said.” Future enhancements include incorporating a flood forecasting system. “This will really help us give advance warning to residents of flood-prone areas [and] if there is a need to evacuate,” said Vic Malano, acting deputy administrator of PAGASA. According to the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, the Philippines - with its typhoons, floods, droughts, volcanoes, earthquakes and landslides, and home to over 100 million people - is the most disaster prone country in the world. Users can access Tweets sent out by PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services) as text messages to any mobile phone. The user can access the Information they needed and as inform and to prepare themselves for their safeness.

Text Fire Philippines
Personalized communication channels helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of fire response. With the formation of Text Fire Philippines and it given a dedicated radio frequency, fire volunteers will be informed much well and response speed will improved. The TXTFIRE PHILIPPINES FOUNDATION, INC. is a non-profit organization that helps disseminate fire alerts, alarms, and information thru an SMS Dispatcher Server. Chua stated “TXT FIRE (+ 63-918-6-888-888) is a short messaging system (SMS) Dispatch Server whose primary task is to inform people especially responders the information regarding fire incidents. The Information such as Location, Time and Status of Fire is also specified,”, the new VHF frequency is 157/50 MHZ. Mr. Gerry Chua, Founder and President of TXTFIRE PHILIPPINE FOUNDATION, INC., , a.k.a. Mr. Ube was very fond of texting. He loves to forward text jokes and news to his...
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