Chapter 10 Class Notes

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(1) There are Sexual desire Disorder
Male hypoactive sexual desire disorder
Female sexual interest/arousal

(2) females are higher in finding out from the clinic
males have higher erectile dysfunction as older the age
(overview slide of sexual dysfunction)

female arousal disorders tend to be easier to hide than male disorder

(3) orgasm disorder are more common in woman and occur in the orgasm phase for males it could be premature,delayed ejaculation or retrograde ejaculation(DEF?)

(4) Sexual pain disorder
Specific to woman
Vaginismus (involutary spasms that prevent woman from experiencing intercourse) Genito-pelvic pain (can create an anxiety attack

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

How do you assess someone who has a sexual disorder?

(1) Interviews
using common/layman terminology
(2) Medical examination
to exam for drugs, medications that could have a huge impact on libido want to also check for hormone levels
chronic illness may have diff as well as those with heart attacks, having anxiety on sexual activity for fear of injury during sexual act (3) Psychophysiological assessment
(I) Penile strain gauge > measure how strong the erection is (II) Vaginal photoplethysmograph > light sensitive tool to see how much blood flow is in the vagina

Clark I (video who has erection disorder)
-bio factor
-psychological factor
-social factor

infection of prostate cancer
erectile dysfunction
therefore has less desire

he is depressed
fear of lost of masculine identity
clark would be experiencing distress

does not want to be seen as weak
has own belief on what a man is, what a man do
man doesn’t cry
has affected this own identity of who he is
what he believes how society perceives what a man is
expectations for his wife

- - - - - - - -

Causes of sexual dysfunction
(Biological contribution)
-drug abuse > suppresses CNS, decreases inhibition which make you to engage in more sexual act -can hinder sexual activity
-can affect the neurological and physical factors
-smoking can also be related to erectile dysfunction

(Psychological contribution)
-cognitive aspect of performance idea/anxiety
-feeling lack to respect, negative self-concept, don’t like the way they look Female mostly worried about appearance
Male mostly worried about performance

(Social and cultural contributions)
-EROTOPHOBIA > fear of engaging in sexual acts due to religious or family upbringing example -early traumatic sexual acts which could condition individual growing up to engage in consensual sexual activity

- - - - - - - - -

Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction
(Psychosocial treatment)
-CBT or dysfunctional scripts, medical approaches such as viagra (focuses on erectile dysfunction) -only effective to only 1/3rd of people
-combination of psychological and social and biological seem to be the most effective

- - - - - - - - - - -


Clinical description
-sexual traction to inappropriate objects, to people
-when the traction causes distress to other people (specifically children)

(I) Fetishistic disorder > attraction to objects
(II) Voyeuristic disorder > peeking to someone who doesn’t know/"peeping-tom” (does not get aroused from someone watching at strip club) the arousal is someone who gets turned on in the act of getting caught (III) Exhibitionistic disorder > they want to be seen, streaker (IV) Transvestic disorder > dressing in clothes of the opposite sex

(V) Sexual sadism disorder > arousal by violence inflicting pain (VI) Sexual masochism disorder > above but diff
(VII) Pedophillic disorder > the worst
(VIII) Paraphilic disorder in women > not as common, CAMH (12 cases), very rare

- - - - - - - - - - -

Causes of paraphilic disorder
-deficiency in being able...
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