Chapter 1 Inventory and Pos System

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Naval Bazaar Inventory and Point Of Sales System

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December 18, 2010
Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Background

1.1. Introduction
As year pass by technology continues to evolve and grow and businesses started shifting from using the manual systems to computer-based systems. These systems make it more efficient for the business to make sales and inventory report in a less-hustle way. The developers chose Naval Bazaar as their beneficiary for their proposed system that will make easy for those employees in the shop to make use of their time. The Inventory and Point of Sales System that will do all the reports with ease and a concept that is easy to understand. Basically Inventory is the total amount of goods and materials held in stock by a factory, store and other business. That means Inventory system is a process whereby a business keeps track of the goods and material it has available. There are many types of business that can benefit from using an inventory system. Retail outlets which stock and sell goods, warehouses that have goods and materials passing in and out on a daily basis and manufacturers that produce and sell products are just a few of this. It can be essential for companies that have a high turnover of stock and need a simple way of keeping track of this to ensure their business runs smoothly and efficiently. Point of Sale (POS) system is a system for managing the sales of retail goods. The term is used to refer to the software and hardware associated with checkout stands, and all of the bundled features which are included. Most retailers use a POS system at their check stands or counters, and several major manufacturers offer POS systems designed for various types of businesses, ranging from grocery stores to boutiques. Using these systems make a business much more efficient, lowering the costs of running the business while improving customer service and making the business more pleasant to work in.

1.2. Background of the Company
Naval Bazaar was established in 1997. This business sells baby products for the babies’ clothing, diapering, feeding, bathing, sleeping and safety. It is located at #26 Magsaysay Drive, East Tapinac, Olongapo City. It is being managed by Mrs. Ana Chua. Back in the 1940s when Olongapo City was under the American regime the store was originally a souvenir shop that sells wood carvings. After then the store was relocated at the Magsaysay drive and the owner of the shop which is the mother of Mrs. Ana Chua decided to shift from selling wood carvings to baby products. And the store continues to grow until now. There are only three employees including the manager that handle the store. With the manager’s assistant and the clerk they all work together to bring a good quality service for their customers.

1.3. Organizational Chart

Ana Chua

Eva Gellego Selibio

Ariel Bien Armado

1.4. Statement of the Problem
During the investigation the proponents found out that the store only uses stock cards for the inventory of the baby products and spreadsheets for the sales report. The aim of this study is to answer the following problem of the beneficiary. 1. Data recording is not accurate

2. Data is not secured
3. Untimely Data Retrieval

1.5. Objective of the Study
The proponents intend to develop a computer-based Inventory and POS system that will help to resolve the stated problems and improve their inventory and sales report.

1.6. Hypothesis of the Study
With the use of the newly developed computer-based Inventory and POS system, Naval Bazaar will surely be able to handle the process of managing their stocks,...
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