Chaos Theory

Topics: Chaos theory, Lorenz attractor, Mathematics Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: September 23, 2013
Chaos Theory
Chaos theory as a name comes from the fact that the systems the theory describes (non-linear systems) would seem to be disordered or random or at least unpredictable. Chaos theory tries to find some underlying order in what appears to be random events or data. Edward Lorenz was an early pioneer of the theory. He was working on weather predictions in 1961 and was using a computer to help with the calculations. Lorenz had initiated a sequence of data based on twelve variables in his attempt to predict weather. He wanted to see the sequence again, so re-entered the data. To save time, he began the new simulation in the middle of the old, using a printout from the prior calculations. The weather patterns the computer predicted from the new simulation was very different from what had been initially predicted. Working backward, Lorenz discovered that he had entered the data only out to the third decimal point, whereas in the initial simulation, he had used the same data out to the fifth decimal point. These differences, although very small, should have had only a tiny impact, if any, on the resultant predictions, but the opposite was true -- the impact was huge. Chaotic systems are unstable. Two sets of nearly the same initial conditions will end up with two very separate final conditions. For example, if identical twin girls that had been raised in the same manner, came across a bee hive. One may see the beauty of how the nest was constructed and may grow up to study insects for a living. The other boy may get stung by one of the hornets and may grow up to be a bug exterminator. The boys seeing the nest was a very small action in their life but can cause a great difference in its outcome. I would like to discuss some examples of chaos in our lives and how it changes our behavior. Everyone can relate to the terrorist act on 09/11/2002. It was a terrible tragedy in all our lives. This chaotic act changed everyone’s lives forever. Besides the obvious...
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