Changing Our Lives

Topics: High school, Change, Person, Economics, Thing / Pages: 2 (280 words) / Published: Jan 30th, 2011
“Changing Our Lives” Name: Tamika Mcknight Instructor Name: Michelle James Course Title: English 090 Writing Fundamentals Date: 01/23/2011

I changed my live in so many ways, but the most thing that I have changed is my education .I decided to go back to school to further my education by attending Strayer University. The reason I done this because I graduated from Mervo in high school in 2005 and I wanted to continue my goal to become an Health Administration. My goal as working as a Health Administration is to work and help several individuals down the long run.
I love helping people in many ways that can make them smile. When I help people it make me feel like I’m doing something positive to change their life in so many ways. When I help people I always made it the best. There are so many people today who don’t have support from their family, and friends, so I would be the person to help them feel comfortable and that missing person in their lives .Some people need that in their lives because people don’t have everyone like that in their family and can’t show them the love or support that some family do have.
When individuals don’t have people in their lives to make them comfortable they won’t change. They don’t have no to talk to about their problem or what they are going though. To make them do positive things and not negative things good people have to be around to do that. When bad negative people around individuals start to fall short in a lot of

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