Changes in industry China

Topics: Change, Mao Zedong, Industrial Revolution Pages: 3 (1285 words) Published: May 1, 2014
Oliver Kingsley
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How did industry and agriculture change?

One the first ways the whole system of the agriculture and industry changed for china was due to the fact that Mao initiated the Land Reforms in the year of 1944. This consisted of the peasants regaining their land back from the landlords and the once favored landlords (in the time of the KMT) were humiliated publicly and removed from their positions. This changed the whole system due to the fact that the unlike before peasants were encouraged to denounced and discriminated against their landlords, something that was forbidden prior to the land reforms. Furthermore peasants had gone from prisioners of the land to liberated people. Due to the change of the system (include new speak bitterness campaigns and people courts) the people felt more powerful and therefore were proactive about getting rid go the landlords. This resulted in three quarter of the landlords being executed by 1952.

The economic change casued there to be change to industry and agriculture. The link between this and my previous point is change to the system i.e. the way the country is run as a whole. The CCP brought in a number of new steps to tackle the economic problems China was faced with, these steps were put inlace to promote the growth of industry and agriculture. One of these steps included the state taking over all of the heavy industry and railways to try and make it more effective. In 1951 the Peoples Bank opening to replace many of the private banks. This caused there to be a rapid fall in the inflation rates of the country. The rates had dropped form 1000% to 15%. This affected industry and agriculture due to the fact that the products of industry and labour i.e. crops or working hours were set at a fixed and very low price, to try and get the economy going again. This therefore caused people to get a lot less for their products compared to previous years. People were becoming less wealthy everyday...
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