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Change Your Life, Change Your Shape

A Total Lifestyle Approach to a Slim Body

By: Valerie Clarke

Change Your Life, Change Your Shape
A Total Lifestyle Approach to a Slim Body

What is it that we really desire? Is it truly just a thinner body? Or is it more energy? More confidence? Less stress? All of the above? Personally, I think that we all just want a sense of well-being, a higher quality of life, and more pleasant experiences with our friends and family.

The obvious question here begs to be asked, “How do we obtain that higher quality of life?” By refocusing our efforts from the external to the internal; by redirecting our efforts from earning more money and buying more things, to revering our bodies and taking care of ourselves; by creating a happy, healthy lifestyle for ourselves and for our families. Experiences become more enjoyable when we are comfortable in our clothes, when we are more confident, when we are well rested, and when our stress level is low or at least manageable.

Too often we are obsessed with insignificant details like numbers on a scale and sizes on clothing tags. Instead of focusing on obtaining a fantasy body style and setting an unattainable goal, we need to concentrate on creating a lifestyle of health and a sense of well-being from within. By concentrating on making healthy lifestyle choices and carefully manipulating our metabolism, we can spark great change in our lives.

The success of this refocusing process hinges upon our ability to view our bodies and our lifestyles through an entirely new set of eyes. We must take a hard look at how we abuse, poison, and neglect our bodies. Too many of us have ignored our bodies for too long, we do not even understand how what we consume directly affects us. Of course, we notice when our “fat jeans” become our “tight jeans,” but often we are clueless as to where those extra inches came from even though we single-handedly did it to ourselves.

Here’s the truth that no one wants to say and no one wants to hear: Becoming healthier, fitter and more toned requires dedication, patience, and a commitment to total lifestyle transformation. Even with all of the overwhelming aspects of committing to a lifestyle change, the process is actually quite simple – become self aware, eat properly, and be physically active. Take things one step at a time. Become educated and seek professional advisement. Take the commitment seriously, but do not take setbacks too seriously, no one is perfect and all will falter at some point.

Making lifestyle choices that positively affect our metabolism will ultimately lead to a higher quality of life. Basal metabolism is dictated by seven significant factors: (1) Body composition; (2) stress; (3) weight; (4) height; (5) gender; (6) environmental temperature; and (7) daily caloric intake. Of these seven factors, we have the ability to influence or control everything except height and gender - this means that we have five different opportunities to make healthy lifestyle choices.

There is no universal diet or weight loss solution, physically and metabolically, every body is different. Everyone has different lifestyles. There are three key elements in every healthy lifestyle: (1) Body awareness; (2) conscious consumption; and (3) regular physical activity.

Body Awareness
Transforming one’s lifestyle is an intensely personalized endeavor, one requiring a much higher level of body awareness than the average person currently possesses. The essential first step in a healthy lifestyle makeover is becoming acutely aware of our bodies. Without an intimate understanding of how our actions affect our bodies, how can we correct those actions and avoid slowly growing softer and larger, thus lowering our quality of life?

Newton’s third law of motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

• One meal full of saturated fat and simple carbohydrates, 30 minutes later I feel bloated, sluggish,...
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