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“If I Could Change the World” Essays: A Perfect Plan for Writing Sure, everybody understands that it is almost impossible to change this world, at least, with the efforts of one or a few people. Everything we have in this world was being created by many generations during a long period.

Yet, even if you do not believe that something can be changed, you have to pretend that it is possible, since you need to prepare an essay “If I Could Change the World”.

Maybe, now you feel a bit confused with your task. By the way, if you need to prepare such “If I Could Change the World” essay, you most probably participate in an essay contest or something like that. They like asking such questions. Thus, let us help you answer this question properly and write an outstanding “If I Could Change the World” essay.

Here is a plan how “If I Could Change the World” essays can be organized.

“If I Could Change the World” essays: introductory paragraph

You have to think of a strong and an attention-grabbing introduction. Basically, what you should do is explain the purpose of writing this paper. What bothers you most of all? What makes you write such essay? What do you hope to change with your essay “If I Could Change the World”?

“If I Could Change the World” essays: body paragraphs

Here, you need to answer two major questions: what and how. What exactly would you like to change? How do you think you can do this? Let us give a several pieces of advice on how to cover these questions in your “If I Could Change the World” essay.

No matter what you write about, it should sound more or less realistic. We suppose you also agree that writing something like “I would make all rich people give away their money to feed all those who are starving” sounds childish and a bit ridiculous.

“If I Could Change the World” essays: concluding paragraph

Make the last words in your essay “If I Could Change the World” sound optimistic and hopeful. The reader should have the feeling...
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