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Topics: Motivation, Health, Cost-benefit analysis Pages: 6 (1783 words) Published: February 9, 2014
This assignment takes 1 month to complete and has 2 due dates, so don’t procrastinate! 

If you don’t turn in Steps 1 and 2 by the due date, you will not receive any credit for these steps.

New Year’s Resolutions often fail because we “resolve” to do something, but we often don’t make a plan to achieve this goal. If we make a plan, we are much more likely to achieve our goal.

Think of a habit you would like to change. It may involve your eating habits, exercise habits, TV or computer habits, procrastinating doing your homework, self esteem, attitude or anger issues, or anything you feel you need to make a change to.

This assignment involves 5 steps to achieving your goal/changing your habit: 1.Selecting a goal and doing a cost/benefit analysis
2.Assessing your current behavior or situation
3.Developing a supportive environment
4.Using supportive affirmations
5.Monitoring your progress

Time to get started! As you are working on achieving your goal/making your change, use your SMART Goal card as a tool. I will pass the SMART Goal cards out in class. If you miss class, please ask me for one. You can carry this around in your pocket or bag to keep you on track.

What to turn in (show your professor briefly in class) and when: Due Date #1: _10/30/13__
Steps 1 and 2 of this document
Your assessment tool for Step 2
Due Date #2: _11/27/13_
All 5 steps of this assignment
Your completed SMART Goal card (or a scanned copy of it)

Step 1: Selecting a Goal and Doing a Cost/Benefit Analysis
a.Describe in one sentence the behavior goal to which you will devote energy and time in the next month. The behavior/habit I am going to eliminate is: being overweight due to bad eating habits and lack of exercise.

What I am going to replace it with is: exercise and healthy food choices.

b.Do a cost/benefit analysis of your behavior change or habit. This will provide you with ways to motivate yourself. Be sure to get emotional here, since feelings (passion) are essential to make a change.

Benefits of the new habit or behavior: I will have more energy and feel better
about myself. I will be able to be more active with my son and enjoy shopping for new clothes after I lose weight. Most importantly I will be setting a good example to my son about being healthy. Costs of the new habit or behavior: The cost to eat healthier will not be much different because I spend so much on overeating junk that I actually saved money by making healthy meals and cutting back my portions. There is no cost to exercise since I just take my son to the park and walk laps around the track or go hike a trail (pretty sad it is free to exercise and I still didn’t do much of it). Benefits of NOT doing the new habit or behavior: The only benefit there could possibly be, which I still don’t really even consider it a benefit, is the money saved because I will not need to buy new clothes after I lose weight.

Costs of NOT doing the new habit or behavior: Eating fast food and the portions I was consuming actually cost an average of $20 more a week. Also, in the long term look at not doing the new habit/behavior it is most likely I will obtain more medical bills due to being unhealthy.

Step 2: Assessing Current Behavior
a.Before you begin any changes, create or choose some comprehensive method of assessing your current behavior. Keep records, make a chart or graph, or use some other evaluation device to identify and measure your current situation.

Example of an assessment tool: If your goal is to drink less soda and drink more water, then you should keep track of how many cups of soda AND water that you drink on a daily basis for 1 week.

Describe your assessment tool here, AND include a copy of it when you turn this assignment in for grading.

I created an excel sheet that I keep track of how many minutes I exercise each day and total all my minutes for each week. I also am...
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