Change Management in Mobinil

Topics: Management, Human resource management, Human resources Pages: 20 (5103 words) Published: December 14, 2010
Mobinil OD CASE(HR Department)|
Submitted By: * Ahmed Abdel moteleb * Bassel Adel * Khaled El Sherbini * Youssef Zaky To: Maha HafezDate: June 2010| MBA Program
Change Management

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary…………………………………………. 2. Introduction about Mobinil ………………………….………. 3. Why the company needed change
4. Entering and contracting
5. Diagnosing
6. Planning and implementing change
7. Evaluation and Institutionalization
8. Conclusion


The aim of this project is to present and analyze Organization development that take place in Mobinil 3 years ago First, We will start with an introduction about Mobinil on which we will describe Mobinil mission and vision as well as Mobinil’s 5 brand values (seek excellence – friendly – dynamic - simple -human)ending by the Mobinil code of conduct. In the second part, will describe why the organization needs change. While in the third part , we will describe the planned model of change starting by entering and contracting with one of the famous consulting group in the work “capgemini” , then the practitioners start to make the environmental analysis for Mobinil as a company before making a SWOT analysis for the HR department describing the main strength, weakness, opportunities and threats for the HR in Mobinil, then making the diagnosis for the HR department on which we will focus on the coming pages. The consultant then put the proposal for how the HR department should be. we will discuss Mobinil Hr department in terms of:

- Mobinil HR mission
- Mobinil HR commitment
- Mobinil HR strategies
- Mobinil HR role and objectives
- Mobinil HR organization chart
- Mobinil HR activities guidelines
And finally ending by evaluating the current change.

Since its inception in May 1998, Mobinil has strived to maintain its position as the leading Mobile service operator in Egypt. Honoring the trust of more than 25 million customers, Mobinil is committed to being the leading Mobile service provider in Egypt, providing the best quality service for our customers, the best working environment for our employees, top value for our shareholders, and proudly contributing to the development of the community. Mobinil shareholders, Orange and Orascom Telecom Holding are international leaders in the realm of telecommunication. Mobinil has benefited from years of experience in an international context to become the largest wireless service provider in the Middle East.

Over the past ten years, Mobinil has delivered on its promise to millions of customers, whose confidence in the reliability of our services has reinforced this solid leadership position. This confidence was reaffirmed in a recent nationwide survey by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority [NTRA], where Mobinil customers reported over 97% satisfaction rate in the products, services, and customer service levels offered during 2007 Mobinil is committed to provide the best working environment for over 2000 employees. Mobinil offers an open, challenging and dynamic environment with opportunities of growth not to be found by any other employer in the region. When you are reaching for excellence, you have to build a foundation of excellence. Mobinil’s well-trained and highly skilled employees experience the challenge of working in the most dynamic global industry - mobile communications. Vision

“To be part of people's daily lives by providing reliable and simple products and services that help people interact and communicate better” Mission
“To maintain our position as the leading mobile service provider in Egypt, providing the best quality service to our customers, the best working environment for our employees, top value for our shareholders and proudly contributing to the development of our community “

Mobinil 5 brand values
Mobinil is a reflection of our desire to be part of people's daily lives....
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