Champagne Study in Uk Market (Marketing Plan)

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Marketing in Context: Wine
Group 15: Matthias Suttner, Johanna Stenmark, Swati Mahajan, Sam Sin & Saunders Shen

Jean Pernet Champagne

Table of Contents
Current Situation of Champagne in the United Kingdom4
Company Anlaysis4
Current Situation of Jean Pernet4
Competitor Analysis5
Target Segmentation6
Jean Pernet Limited Edition7
Champagne Booster7
Jean Pernet Champagne8
Jean Pernet Champagne Limited Edition9
Champagne Booster9
Evaluation of learning experience12
Organisation schedule for The Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne13
Figure 1.013
Figure 1.214
Figure 1.316

1. Executive summary of the marketing plan

2. Introduction
2.1.1 Introduction of Champagne
2.1.2 Current situation
2.1.2 Challenges

3. Company analysis
3.1.1 Current situation of the company
3.1.2 Strength
3.1.3 Weakness
3.1.4 Focus

4.1 Competitor Analysis
4.1.1 Position of the competitor
4.1.2 Strength

5. Segmentation of Market (customer analysis)
5.1.1 Summarize
5.1.2 segment 1
5.1.3 segment 2
5.1.4 Reason of choosing this specific group (decision process)

6.Marketing Plan
6.1 Product
6.1.1 Aim of the product
6.1.2 Product description
6.2 Pricing
6.2.1 Costs
6.2.2 Value based pricing
6.3 Distribution
6.3.1 Place to be distributed and the rationale behind
6.4 Promotion
6.4.1 Advertising (using sign)
6.4.2 Public relation

7. Drawback/Evaluation

8. Conclusion

9. Feedback of the project


Throughout history, Champagne has been seen as a symbol of pleasure and luxuriance. The royalties and the nobles were the first to spread the word of this sparkling quality wine. Internationally, English were the first to welcome the beverage and today, the United Kingdom still is the biggest market for Champagne export. The development of transportation systems, especially the railway, helped spreading the product and by the end of the 19th century, Champagne had gained an international reputation of being something very special. The reason for this very characteristic wine is said to be a combination of the terroir, climate and the extensive experience in the process of making it.

The region of Champagne is defined by the law of 22nd of July 1927. It is situated around 150 kilometres east of Paris, France. In the region of Champagne there are four major areas: Mountain of Reims, Marne Valley, Côte des Blancs and Côte des Bar. The whole area is about 34000 hectares of vineyards and has more than 15000 winegrowers. About 5000 of these produce their own Champagne. An organisation called The Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC) has been established and is administrating the common interests of the Champagne industry in order to preserve it well. It was founded in 1941 and is therefore one of the first trade bodies ever created (for organisation see figure 1.0). The protection of the name Champagne means that it can only be used for sparkling wine that is produced in the region of Champagne in France. Sparkling wine from other areas in France for example, is called Crémant (Vignerons et Maisons). Current Situation of Champagne in the United Kingdom

Champagne, the ultimate expression of luxury and prestige, has always been the epitome of sparkling wine. In 2006, champagne itself accounted for 34% of all sparkling wine sales in the UK (Euromonitor, 2012). Before the economic crisis in 2007, the UK market was averaging volume sales of champagne approximately £1 billion annually (Thring, 2012). Post crisis, market sentiments are expecting the sales of champagne to fall to £700 million in 2012 as UK consumers opt for cheaper alternatives of champagne – “Other sparkling wine”.

“Other sparkling wine”, which includes alternatives such as Cava and Proscecco, are becoming increasingly...
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