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Champagne Flight

By doper94 Mar 11, 2013 522 Words
Champagne Flight

The main character is a 16 year old girl. She had to move to Washington in the middle of the terms, but instead of moving right away, she moved in with Mr and Mrs Widness who lived across the street. She moved in with them to finish the terms before moving to Washington. While she lived with Mr and Mrs Widness she finished school and dated a few boys, because she wouldn’t be able to date them while living with her parents, they wouldn’t accept that. When she finished school, her parents send her, a ticket to Washington. She felt grown up in her new, first suit – a grey, pleated skirt and a boxy jacket and the hair brushed back, because her friends had told her that she looked more grow up with that hairstyle. She liked the feeling of being older then her actually age and when a stewardess asked her if she wanted red or white wine, she sad red just to act “grown up”, even though she didn’t like it. She liked the feeling of being a grown up, until she meets a woman in the airplane who pretends to be a great singer, but later after the woman and the main character had finished two bottles of champagne, the main character falls asleep and the woman passes out at the bathroom to be helped out later on, she discovers that the woman is not a singer, but an 40 year old stripper. After that experience she was pleased to be a young girl, and not a grown up. The women the main character meets is named Serena Sinclair, or at least she says so. After seeing the main character drinking wine she didn’t like, she asked her if she wanted some champagne instead and she moves from her seat to the seat next to the main character. She had a heavy scent and smoked, even though she didn’t know if the main character would be happy that she didn’t smoke beside her. She orders champagne and keeps drinking. She tells the main character, that she is celebrating a new job. She also tells about her first husband who died in a car-accident, Hank. She was married twice after Hank, but was single now because her third husbands were dead. After the main character felt asleep, she went to the bathroom and passed out after taking some pills, later she was helped out by two men and carried out of the airplane. The main character visits her before flying to Washington and Serena tells that she is not a singer, but a stripper. The main character and Serena don’t know each other from before the meeting at the airplane. After the meeting the main character thinks of Serena, but she doesn’t meet her again. They don’t become good friends, not even friends, but the meeting learned the main character an important lesson “enjoy your childhood, because you never know what the future is going to bring” And as the main characters life goes on, she thinks of Serena because “what does happen to old strippers?”

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