Topics: Varsity team, High school Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Alejandrina Alejandro
Mrs. Sosta
English 061
Narrative Paragraph
19 Feb. 2013
As an athlete you can get to see the different types of attitudes and emotions other athletes have, good or bad. In high school I started playing sports which really got my competitive side out but it also came with emotions I didn’t know how to control at the time. My first time playing volleyball I started off by practicing and playing with the varsity team at school. When season came along I didn’t make the cut for varsity so I was put on the J.V. team with girls who didn’t know how to play that well. That’s when my emotions started to show because I wasn’t used to playing with a team where I was the only one that knew what we had to be doing. After that season was over the next two years I was on varsity and I was still not able to get ahold of my attitude and emotions. I was aware that this was a problem for the team and I and that I looked bad but I didn’t know how to control it so I let it be. My last season I had learned to control myself but it was very limited and it wasn’t enough. When I finally graduated my coach asked me if I would like to help him with the team, I agreed. I started going to their games and practices and noticed two of the girls had the same attitudes as I did and felt how frustrating it was to deal with them but I decided not to pay attention to them. It was at one of their games when it hit me and I realized that I used to look as bad as they did and I was really embarrassed of myself. At that point I made myself a promise that I would keep my emotions and attitude on check if I played in college I wanted a fresh start and I’ve kept my promise till this day.
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