Ch 17 Adaptive Immunity Answers

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 Name _______________________________________ Section __________________ Biology 130 Ch 17: Adaptive Immunity
Match the following types of cells and signaling molecules with their functions.

A. Dendritic Cells
B. Cytotoxic T cell (TC)
C. Macrophages and Neutrophils
D. Natural Killer Cells (NKs)

E. B cells
F. Memory Cells (both B and T cells)
G. Helper T cell (TH)
H. Cytokine

1. __G___ Part of cell-mediated immunity. Recognize foreign antigen presented on MHCII complexes and activate B cells and Macrophages.

2. __E___ Carry out humoral immunity and produces antibodies specific to an antigen

3. __F___ Initiate the secondary immune response

4. __B___ Part of cell-mediated immunity. Bind to cells presenting “self” antigen on MHCI complexes and destroy them.

5. _A____ Antigen presenting cells that present antigen on MHCI or MHCII complexes and activate T cells

6. __C___ Circulating lymphocytes that go through the process of phagocytosis when they encounter foreign antigen

7. _D____ Directly destroy antibody-coated cells through antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC). Also destroy virus-infected and cancer cells.

8. __H___ Binding of this signaling molecule can induce growth, differentiation, movement, or cell death. 1. In what primary organ of the lymphatic system do the following lymphocytes originate and differentiate? Originate Differentiate

A. B Cells Bone MarrowBone Marrow

B. T Cells Bone MarrowThymus

2. Briefly describe how the following cells become activated in the adaptive immune response. A. B Cells (T-Dependent Antigen) : Helper T cells

B. B Cells (T-Independent Antigen) : B Cell directly binds to antigen

C. Helper T Cells: Dendritic Cells

D. Cytotoxic T Cells: Dendritic Cells

E. Macrophages: Helper T Cells

3A. What is the difference between clonal selection and clonal deletion? Clonal deletion occurs when immune cells that recognize self antigen...
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