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1. Mini Biography
Bill Gates is known for his company Microsoft, his participation in the computer revolution, and for being the youngest self-made billionaire in history. In 1986, he launched Microsoft Windows, a program that is one of the most used operating systems in the world. Many of today’s adult, and perhaps in particular today’s young adults, remember the exciting introduction of personal computers using Microsoft software.

William (Bill) H. Gates was born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. Gates was a middle child with a younger and an older sister. His father was a lawyer, and many expected Gates to follow in the same direction. Gates showed early to be a talented kid in most aspects, but with a special interest for math. His IQ is measured to be 160. He is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

At the age of 13, Gates and his friend Paul Allen started working with computers. They tried to develop games, a tool to measure the traffic pattern and a system to create the time schedule for the entire school. Gates would leave at night to work on the primitive computer and come back, without his parents even knowing that he had been gone. Gates mother sometimes worried that her son was socially awkward.

A Nose for the Dollar
At an early age, Bill Gates showed his skills for business and that he knew the value of a contract. Gates even had an official contract to use his sister’s baseball glove whenever he wanted for the price of five dollars. It was said early on that Bill had a nose for the dollar. At the age of 15, Gates and his friend Paul Allen made a computer device to measure the local traffic. They sold this program to the city of Seattle through their own company, Traf-O-Data, and made 20,000 USD.

At the age of 13, Gates’ parents took him out of public school and enrolled him in the private, high demanding Lakeside School. They did it because they did not think their son was challenged in the regular schools. In 1973, Gates enrolled in Harvard University. During his stay, Gates did not have any particular plan for his career, even though he was considering applying to law school. During his stay at Harvard University, Gates spent much time in the computer lab, both night and day.

Bill Gates’ interest for computers got proved to be more important than education. While Gates studied at Harvard University, his childhood friend Paul Allen moved to Boston. Together they were amazed over an article they read in the magazine “popular electronics”. A company located in New Mexico called MITS was promoting a relatively cheap microcomputer, the Altair 8800. Nobody had yet created software for this computer. Even though Bill Gates and Paul Allen had never seen a computer language before, they took this opportunity and created the computer language BASIC. Bill Gates and Paul Allen created the company Microsoft and moved to New Mexico to work with MITS. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard University in his junior year.

Professional Career and the Journey with Microsoft
Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen invented Microsoft during Gates’ stay at Harvard University. Microsoft launched its first product, which was a programing language called Altar Basic, in 1976. Gates moved Microsoft to New Mexico in 1976 and stayed there until 1979 before they moved to Washington. At the time, IBM was the largest manufacturer of computer systems. In 1980 IBM requested Microsoft and Gates to produce an operating system for personal computers. Gates adapted an existing program, which he bought, to fit the IBM hardware. This new program was called the Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS).

Bill Gates made one of the most valuable deals in history of computers. Gates insisted on keeping the license for MS-DOS. Thus, for every personal computer IBM manufactured, they paid a fee to Microsoft for using MS-DOS. When the world saw how successful...
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