Cebuano Living

Topics: Philippines, Tagalog language, Cebu City Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: September 19, 2011
MESINA, Sheenna Marie I.
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Cebuano Living
            Just like a bowl of assorted peanuts, the Republic of the Philippines finds its exquisite and unique flavor through its many islands with their own local taste to offer. Aside from the busy and bustling capital metropolis Manila, the Philippines has surely one of its best cities to offer to the world: Cebu.  

                What attracts people all over the world to the little island in the heart of the archipelago is its relative size that offers less time to get from one place to another and more time to enjoy the places it has to share to the world.  But beyond its sandy beaches and majestic mountains, one thing that keeps the city alive even from the beginning is its people. Cebuanos have their own little way of living their own lives in their own pace and peace, which now with great interest we would like to share with you.  

                First off, Cebuanos are a fun-loving and laid-back people. Born out of love and nurtured in the homey place of the city, at a young age they grow to be familiar to everyone they meet. Kids are kind to their playmates and grow up to be pleasant and easygoing adults. But that doesn’t mean that Cebuanos are lazy; they always have their own time for work and for recreation. The city itself is a reflection of its people: In the midst of the rush hour, it still feels so light and sunny. People are chill and relaxed and don’t get tense around others even if it gets unpleasant sometimes. The city is a cross of the busy and relaxed atmosphere; its people, its lifeblood, sustain it.   

                Second, Cebuanos take pride in their identity. Cebuanos are noted to be energetic and have a good sense of humor to keep. Whichever language they speak, wherever lands they may visit, there’s nothing funnier than a group of Cebuanos talking over good memories and their experiences of struggle inside their comfort rooms. New...
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