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Joshua Feuerstein

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Caves / Joshua Feuerstein


THE CAVES OF YESTERYEAR are littered with
bones and broken pottery. Somewhere deep within these
hidden caverns lay stories of treasure and tragedy. Their
walls are stained with letters, numbers and drawings, which, when woven together spell out the tales of time. These are
the chronicles of the cave dwellers. Centuries of history
painstakingly carved into the cold rock wall of someone’s
hiding place. However, cave dwellers rarely make history – they simply record it.
For thousands of years they have proven to be both man
and mammal’s most natural hiding place. Whether an injured hiker who is seeking shelter from a raging storm or a frightened rabbit hiding from a hungry mountain lion – caves are a refuge for the hunted and the hurting. They are a place we

run and hide. We don’t choose caves – we are chased into them.
While you may feel lonely, you are not alone. Most of
Scripture’s mightiest men lived in a cave at one time or an-

other. It’s where Elijah hid from Jezebel and David hid from Saul. Caves are a momentary refuge for the fearful. Isn’t it ironic that after having demonstrated God’s power in marvelous ways, some of God’s most anointed vessels still succumbed to fear and sought refuge in a cave. We don’t choose caves — we are chased into them.

Elijah had just been standing on the top of Mount Carmel
and calling down fire from heaven. David had most recently
slain a larger than life giant with nothing more than a shepherd’s slingshot. These were men of faith! Some people say that fear is the opposite of faith. Wrong! Fear is faith - faith in the enemy.

More often than not, we find that the life of God’s
anointed is a journey of peaks and valleys. Do you know
what it is like to live one moment in victory and the next
running from defeat? Depression and condemnation stand
nearby whispering doubt and discouragement. A different
voice in each ear can cause you to question if the anointing of God on your life is real, or just a figment of your hopeful imagination. How can I be anointed and be living in a cave?
There is nothing about a cave that screams destiny.
Scripture tells the story of five evil kings whom Joshua
was chasing. They were running for their lives. Fear chased
them to the same place it chases everyone and they find
themselves hiding in a cave.

Caves are not always evil. Caves can be a place where we
regain our breath and recalibrate the compass of our minds.
Caves can often be the dark room in which God allows us to
heal from hurts and develops our character for the destiny
that lies ahead of us. The difference between a cave and a
dark room is the amount of time we spend there. Strictly
speaking, dark rooms are meant to be a short part of the process. Caves are not always evil. Caves can be a place where we
regain our breath and recalibrate the compass of our minds.

A baby is conceived and developed within the dark room
of the womb. Imagine the tragedy of a child who would refuse to submit and surrender to the pushing pangs of a birthing mother. A child who refused to the leave the dark room of the womb and become the living, breathing human it was

intended to be.
The baby is nurtured with food, comfort and security in
the womb and yet that is not where it is intended to stay. It is absolutely imperative...
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