causes of the growth of indian nationalism

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Causes of the growth of Indian Nationalism in 19th century
The most significant feature of the Indian History during the second half of nineteenth century was the growth of nationalism. For different factors the sense nationalism develops among the people and in 1885 the Indian National Congress was established. The Indian National Congress fought for the freedom of the country and India achieved her independence on August 15th 1947. Different factors contributed to the growth of Indian Nationalism. Political Unification of the Country:

The growth of the sense of unity among the people was the most important factor, responsible for the growth of Nationalism in India. The Britishers conquered the whole of the Indian subcontinent during the period from 1757 to 1857. India achieved her political and administrative unity under the British rule. The feeling of one nation and one country was strengthened due to the improvement in the means of communication and the introduction of railways. People of one part could come in contact with the people of the other part of the country. Introduction of Western Education:

In 1835 Lord Bentinck on the basis of the recommendation of Lord Macaulay made English the medium of higher education in India. The Indian people thus could read the writings of the western political thinker like Burke, Locke, Mill, Rousseau and Voltaire. They could know about Nationalism, democracy and self-government. They could also know about the Unification of Italy and Germany. So they were encouraged to fight for the liberation of their own country. Revival of glorious tradition of India:

The European scholars like William Jones. Maxmuller and Indian scholars like Bhandarkar and Haraprasad Sastri made the Indian people aware of their glorious cultural tradition. William Jones established the Asiatic Society of Bengal to carry on research on ancient Indian culture. The Indian people developed a feeling of pride in their past and faith in...
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